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Walt Gabbard

GameFace - TV

Do you have your GameFace On

We sincerely appreciate you viewing all the Amazing Hunts that GameFace-TV filmed of my Hunts for Hope of Children Battling Terminal Illnesses.

GameFace-TV has a Great Staff. These Men go above and beyond the call of duty to travel to Texas and film my Hunts for Hope. 

The Bond of Friendship and closeness they form with each of the children is Truly Amazing. They keep the children laughing and pumped about their hunts. The pictures clearly show the children with their GameFace On.

GameFace-TV travels all over the World filming some of the most fantastic hunts on many different species of Game. 

We are truly Blessed to have the opportunity to work with the Staff, and Honored to call them Family. Their Sponsor's have provided the children with many great gifts, equipment and opportunities and attend the hunts. 

GameFace-TV airs on the Sportsman & Outdoor Channels.