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Double B Resort

Bottle Babies

Louie is a very special imprinted bottle baby Red Kangaroo. A kangaroo stays in the pouch for the first seven months of their life before they come out for the first time. He is very soft and loves affection. 

Louie makes frequent trips to Fredericksburg to interact with all the Tourist visiting our town. 

Willie the Wallaby

We offer our Guest the opportunity to interact with all our imprinted bottle baby exotic's.

Our Babies are immediately started on a Colostrum milk replacement formula.


are given a fawn paste to boost their immune system and to prevent them from scouring or stressing, and are immediately seen by our Vet

They are immediately introduced and accepted by all our family pets and other bottle babies.

After their first week in the nursery they are started with interacting with the children.

Our bottle babies especially enjoy "Movie Night" and Popcorn at the Ranch with the children.

... and they love

"Nap Time"

Louie loved being the 'Easter Bunny Roo'

for all the children at the big Easter Egg hunt and bash at the Ranch.

We diligently strive to make all Holidays very special here at the Double B Resort, and shared with Family, Friends and our Resort Guest.


the bottle baby


We rescue babies that have been separated or abandoned by their Mother's.

Gizzy the Marmoset Monkey

In our bottle baby nursery they are given lots of love and affection to make them feel safe and to begin their Imprinting. We form a unique bond with them that will last a lifetime.

Each bottle baby goes through many phases of their Imprinting. They are given daily massages to teach them not to kick or jump when they are touched. They love their baby massages and all the love and affection they receive daily

The bottle babies are given fresh fruits, vegetables, dry foods, grass and hay from all the necessary food groups for each individual species to ensure healthy eating habits throughout their lifetime, and provide all the nutrients they will need to grow and thrive.

Once their immune systems are strong the bottle babies are taken outside to their fenced in play yard where they can run, jump, play and exercise on a daily bases.

The bottle babies are also taken to Town to interact with the Tourist and local residents. They love the car ride to town.

Some of our bottle babies can be very dehydrated or stressed when they are rescued. They must receive very special care.

We immediately get I.V. fluids started in them, special medications and treatments, and placed into a crib under a heat lamp to stabilize their body tempatures, with 24 hour around the clock care. 

We are very blessed to have such a great success rate with our bottle babies.

Some bottle babies permanantly remain here at the Ranch, and others are adopted by a new family.

' Louie '

enjoying his

Pasta '

You would think


was Italian instead of Australian...

...because he loves "Pasta"

...Especially the 'Lemon Artichoke Pasta dish at




Fredericksburg, Tx.